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tv   Senator Lindsey Graham at the Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 17, 2015 4:00pm-4:21pm EDT

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>> we are going live again to the iowa state fair in des moines. here on c-span, republican candidate lindsey graham just a moment or two away from taking the stage. you see the woman from the "des moines register" introducing senator graham. you will get your chance to win as soon as the senator is done. eigh in open up -- as soon as the senators on. we will never phone lines. -- we will open up the phone lines. >> it is my honor to introduce to you somebody very special to
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me today, my brother, lindsey graham. there are a few things i want to share with you before he comes up. lindsay and i grew up in a small town in southern carolina in a small room, not one bedroom but one room in the back of our parent's hall, liquor store, and bar. we lived and eight and everything in that room. our parents worked long and hard hours and installed a strong work ethic and values inl indsey and i. as we got older, our mother got sick. lindsey stayed by her side day and night. now that i am about the age that she was, i realize how awful that had to be for her. howed she was and scared -- sick she was and scared and worried about her children. i know that lindsey was
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constantly reassuring her so that she could have a little peace. he has never let me down. he has always been by my side. through tough times and special times. and i truly believe that if elected president, he will work harder and be more dedicated to this country than anybody else. he knows what it is like to struggle and he will never let this country down. i am so proud of you and you mean the world to me. it is my honor to introduce somebody that means the world to me. my brother, lindsey graham. [applause] senator graham: thank you.
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we have the wrong graham running. how about a round of applause for my sister darleen? [applause] she said,aham: like we grew up in a pool hall, a bar, and a liquor store. i am eminently qualified to be president. [applause] senator graham: i have met a bunch of liars. but darlene does mean the world to me. passed and21, my mom when i was 22, my dad passed. it was darlene and myself. we moved in with her aunt and uncle. i do not know what we would have done without family and friends and faith. i am so proud of my sister, she turned out great. she has two daughters. she married a guy from new jersey. nobody is perfect. passed, we got a
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social security check of about $300. that meant the world to our family. darlene was a minor and was able to get a check. i know what it is like to need social security. anybody on social security? heir check?d to i am 60 and i am not married and do not have any kids. i have a military retirement. [applause] senator graham: thank you, i thoroughly enjoyed it. i have a congressional pension in a 401(k) plan. if i need to give up some i will give it up. if i need to give up a couple hundred bucks a month or more i will give it up. the people who need it the most will not have it if we do not make decisions in this country pretty quick. i want to talk to you about three things.
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care, too much debt, too few jobs. iraq going to go back to and we are going to pound these guys into the ground and not leave until the job is done. [applause] and if you think you can defend this nation without some soldiers going back to get it right this time, i do not know what you are looking at. we left iraq way too soon. i know it has been 10 years, but it is hard. it is hard to build people up will never known anything but heartache and hatred. president obama was told by his military commanders we need to be very force behind. he said no and the rest -- needed to leave a force behind. he said no and the rest is history. the biggest mistake is to leave them over there because they are coming here. 355 soldiers is not enough. we need 10,000. we need a couple of aviation
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battalions and trainers. we are going to need forward air controllers to drop bombs on the right people. and then you have to go into syria. the caliphate is in syria. if we do not give them there, they are coming here. -- hit them there, they are coming here. this is not working from the air. here is what i would do as president. i would send more troops back to iraq. i would go to the arabs and the reason and say we are going to use your armies and we are going -- you're going to pay for this war because we pay for the last two. the turks and the egyptians and the jordanians and the saudis. we put together a regional force and we would be about 10% of it. we are going to go into syria and kill every one of these guys we can find and hold the territory. [applause] when it comes to
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radical islam, whatever it takes as long as it takes. i've been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times, i have been in the military for 33 years. 130 days on the ground. if we do not do this, the second 9/11 is coming. there are more terrorists and more weapons than at any time before 9/11. to defend thehow nation with all of us sitting over here. i do not know how to defend this nation by destroying our military. anybody in the army? >> one. senator graham: thank you. we have the smallest army since 1940. does that make sense to you? >> mel. senator graham: -- no. when i amaham:
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commander-in-chief we will rebuild the army. [applause] senator graham: if you do not understand that we need ground forces to go when on the ground in iraq and syria to destroy isil, you are not ready for this job. as with the iranians, i will get you a better deal. has beenollah friendly powerplant and not a bomb. how many think that he has been building a bomb and think you might use it? -- he might use it? [applause] senator graham: what are we doing as a nation? as most of you believe that the radical ayatollah would use a bomb why would you give him a pathway to it? we are giving him a pathway and the money to do it. this is nuts. this is the biggest miscalculation since hitler. it is not between a lousy deal anymore, it is between a lousy
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deal and a better deal. we need a commander-in-chief that they will respect. the problem that we have is that nobody respects the current commander-in-chief. a bad deal? you got elected somebody president was never run a lemonade stand. i will get you a better deal. i will go quite around and say if you want a nuclear power plant you can have it. penny ofnot get a money or another bullet until you stop destabilizing the region and trying to kill our friends in israel. [applause] senator graham: and if you want a war, you are going to lose. it is up to you. i do not want a war with anybody, but i am not going to sit on the sidelines and watch the country be walked over and walked over and walked over. be anot going to
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commander-in-chief that allows the enemies of our nation, like iran, to have the weapons to kill millions of us one day. >> when is the last time the u.s. wanted war? -- won a war? senator graham: iraq in 2009. >> that was not a war. senator graham: at the end of the day we were at war. do you believe we are at war? i think we're at war. with radical islam. any presbyterian seer? -- presbyterians here? >> yeah. senator graham: you were predestined to be here. [laughter] senator graham: how many of you believe that we are at a religious war? what more do they have to do? me your commander-in-chief and we will keep them from coming back here again. make me your commander-in-chief and i will at the back of the 1% that are doing the fighting for
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the rest of us. make me the commander-in-chief and our nation will be respected again. make me commander-in-chief because we need one that knows what the hell they are doing. >> [indiscernible] senator graham: the second thing that we need to do is get the nation out of that. .oes that -- of debt does that make sense? we are on the road to greece. $18 billion in debt. how do you get that? bipartisanship. do you know what drives the debt? the baby boomer retirement. to 1964?orn from 1946 anybody born after 64? we want our money. retire them are going to in the next 25 years and we are going to wipe out medicare and social security. remember ronald reagan?
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ronald reagan rebuilt our military and put our enemies on notice and we were respected again. when he sat down with tip he had just saved social security from bankruptcy. it needs to be done again. i will be the ronald reagan if you can find me a tip o'neill. i want to work with democrats. i am running to be the republican nominee but i want to be the president of all of us. tell me how you can save this country without the parties working together? tell me how you can fix medicare and social security without anybody on the other side helping you? you cannot. ronald reagan into the middle had a drink every night. when i am president we will drink more. -- and tip o'neill had a drink every night. when i am president we will bring more. [applause] senator graham: and after the drinks we will stop the bs . if you're president you should
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openly embrace the other side if they will work with you. we are running out of time. the american dream is going to die on our watch if we do not do something about it and the enemies of our nation are getting stronger. there is no problem without a solution but let me tell you the commonality. sacrifice. sacrifice have got to to save this nation. 41% were fighting this war, -- 1% who are fighting this war, you have to be willing to go back and i know you will. as to the rest of us, are we willing to sacrifice a little bit for our country? yes. -- >> yes. senator graham: i am. i will take less from social security because i can afford it and give it to people who need it the most. i am willing to sit down with democrats and fix immigration
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instead of yelling about it all of the dam time. ce you secure the border and control can get a job, with the 11 million, let's be practical. nobody wants the crooks. the rest can stay but you have to learn our language. pay taxes and get in the back of the line and keep your nose clean. the reason i want to be president is that this country has been incredibly good to me. as a young man, i was bitter. why was my life turned upside down? why was i affected by losing my parents when i was 22? the older i got, the more i appreciated that it was not about what i lost. it is what i had. i had two parents who love me. how many people in this country have one parent maybe? i have family. how many people have nobody? i have friends and was loved and was taken care of.
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i am a republican, i believe in limited government, but most of us are one car wreck away from needing somebody to help you. if i get to be your president, we're going to do the hardest and we are going to do them together because we are all in this together. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you for being here today. [indiscernible] trying to create a better life. [indiscernible] if you are elected president, would you create a presidential initiative focused on [indiscernible] senator graham: he asked a question about helping other people. when you're $18 trillion in debt you cannot be everything to everybody.
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but you're not going to save this country and defeat radical islam by dropping bombs alone. if you want to really hurt radical islam, you want to get these guys a real punch in the gut. if i am president, we're going to sell them or catch them and do something else. we're going to build up other people. i have been there 35 times. i know there are plenty of people over there who want the things that you won't. when i am president -- want. when i am the president of the united states we will build up others. educate the young important poor girls which will do more damage to radical islam than anything that i can think of. this is a generational struggle. let me tell you how it ends. we went and they lose but it will take a while -- win and
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they lose but it will take a while. >> [indiscernible] senator graham: he said, why do we need a bigger navy? maybe because the terrorists have no ships. why do we need a bigger navy? we need a bigger navy because if you are going to pivot to asia, what do you visit with? pi whatvot with? a rowboat? the reason i wanted bigger navy is to be sure that china knows that we still exist. why is china doing what they are doing? building islands over resort rich territories? because they can.
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when obama drew a redline and nothing happened, putin and china took that as weakness. i want to rebuild our defenses like ronald reagan, get us out of debt, balance the budget, and let putin know you are not going to walk all over our friends. remember when we signed the deal with the ukraine to give up nuclear weapons? we ensure their sovereignty. putin stepped all over that. we are to take natural gas and sell it in europe, give weapons to the ukraine so they can defend themselves, rebuild nato so that he knows that america is back. that is why we need a bigger navy. old-timer, yes sir. >> [indiscernible]
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senator graham: ok, i've got it. spending more money on alzheimer's research. how many of you are willing to spend more money on education? that if of you realize we do not reform entitlements we are not going to have money to spend on anything? i am all for helping alzheimer's. it is a big cause that is growing, it is a terrible disease that may be can be cured or at least blunted. i lost my uncle. here is what i want to tell you. any farmers here? we do not have any money left if we do not deal with the retirement of the baby boomers.
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the money wef collecting taxes goes to paying medicare and medicaid and social security and interest on the debt. if we do not adjust the age of retirement there is no money left to help anybody do anything else. there is no money left for the department of defense. of you heard about the bipartisan plan where you clean up the tax code and eliminate deductions and use the money to pay down the debt? the democrats have to agree for people to work longer because we live longer. if we do not ask people at my income level to give up benefits than we are going to lose the system for the people who need it the most. please understand that there is no way to balance the budget unless you go to where the money is being spent. two thirds of the federal government is on autopilot. if republicans and democrats do not do what ronald reagan and tip o'neill did soon,


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